Increase trust.

Peace of mind.

Increase sales.

Continuous Compliance Achieved.
It is no secret. When your customers have peace of mind, you are able to close more deals.

How it works

Scan & Penetration Test

We leverage the best tech in the information security world to assess the state of your infrastructure and applications.

Generate a Strategy

We craft a roadmap with the findings, actionable tasks that are tailored to your team's bandwidth.

Continuous Compliance

We continuously monitor your posture and create a library of security policies for your business.

We leverage best-in-class security technologies

Your Securily dashboard provides you with a security plan + actions that:

Keep you compliant
Increase the health level of your cyber-security
Help you complete vendor questionnaires in record times

Compliance Documentation

All the required compliance documentation in an easy to access, customized library for your startup. It’s everything you need from A-Z.

Security Strategy

Stop reacting to security assessment fires. We assess your security position and provide with a detailed action plan and timelines for deliverables.


Geo-targeting intelligence enables you in real-time to protect your public endpoints.

Data Flow

Build and keep a safe and sound data flow diagram for your audits and questionnaires, we help you strategize your data flow.

IaaS Scan and Monitoring

Use industry proven tools to scan and continuously monitor your infrastructure configuration.

White and Black Box Scans

Your infrastructure is regularly scanned for vulnerabilities using Nessus (both in the white and black box scan formats).

Code Scans

Scan your code for possible application vulnerabilities. Prevent back doors into your systems.

Security Awareness Training

The best defense is a good offense. Train your employees to navigate security threats and protect your startup.

Resilience testing

Make sure your systems will survive through failures. We’re here to help with resilience planning and testing.

Bug Bounty

Let us manage your bug bounty program. Prevent overloading your dev team with unnecessary backlog overgrowth.


We help you leverage Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance to combat malicious email practices that put your business at risk.

Security Inbox

We help you handle communications from information security professionals and hackers.

Change the way you respond to security questionnaires forever.

By working with SECURILY, you will be armed with the right tools to protect your startup. We take your security serious and ensure you are ready for every security assessment.

Built for Startups & Scale-ups

We leverage years of expertise in corporate compliance and leading industry tools to create a better path to information security compliance.

Leverage the best tools

We have carefully selected the best tools for the job, and we don’t recommend what we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Built by entrepreneurs

We know cash is king in the startup world. Our focus is on getting you compliant and secure fast so you can focus on selling.

Made for great first impressions

We know you want to get it right the first time, and will work with your Chief Security Officer to make that happen.

An ever evolving world

You can trust us to stay up-to-date with the ever evolving world of cyber security compliance. We are confident our team can craft a plan that will be cost efficient and effective to get you to where you want to be. We do not limit our services to what’s on the website – let us know if you have a specialized request.